Medical services

Medical services in the south coast

Let’s hope it never has to happen that you get ill on your vacation, but incase this happen, below are medical services available.
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Travel insurance may not be mandatory, but there are advantages to have when you travel. Getting emergency medical care when you are on a vacation can be prove to be expensive, a travel insurance can proved to  helpful in the case of accident or other medical emergencies.  

Hargreaves Hospital - Mandeville

Established in 1925, Hargreaves Memorial Hospital is truly a premier private health care provider that offers a multiplicity of health care services. It has a wide range of facilities such as; General Wards, Maternity Wards, Operating Theatre, Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory, X-ray departments etc. These facilities offer services such as same day surgery, casualty, ECG, ambulance, physiotherapy, company medicals, and school medicals. Backed by a well-trained and dedicated staff that is eager to serve, and a management structure with the vision and desire for continuous improvement. 
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Phone:  1+ 876 962-2040/ 2070

Ground Ambulance & Air Ambulance

We provide Ground Ambulance & Air Ambulance services to Jamaica and the Caribbean.  We have been flying patients for over 20 years through out all the islands of the Caribbean. We are located in Kingston Jamaica and Montego-Bay Jamaica.

You can call us for a price quote and or immediate emergency air ambulance services at 876-275-1119 or 876-312-1119 or 876-809-1119.

CALL 876-275-1119 for immediate emergency response.

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The following emergency numbers may also be helpful:



 Air-Sea Rescue 






 Missing Persons




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